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Knowledge & Experience

Premium B2G (by Premium Concept) has been a trusted partner to organisations pursuing Government & Defence market opportunities since its creation. Premium B2G experts follow a proven methodology for identifying and winning business at every level. Our unparalleled combination of experience, knowledge, relationships, and network provides clients with the competitive advantage necessary to win business in the B2G market. 


Premium B2G team members become an extension of a client’s sales and marketing efforts. We identify upcoming opportunities and provide comprehensive intelligence for clients. Consultants and subject matter experts provide advice, guidance, meeting facilitation, advocacy and more for your business to Government & Defence Organisations like NATO, MODs and EU Defence. The dedicated B2G expert teams consist of government-industry engagement advisor, strategist, business development consultant, analyst, marketing expert, communications expert, PR professional, procurement expert and public affairs expert.

Experienced Advisors

With more than 20 years of experience we understand how the buying process in the public sector works in the Business to Government (procurement) market.


Specialised Services

Our business services and packages are designed with the single goal of getting you to identify and win profitable business in the Government market.

Knowledge & Network

Consultants and experts use their networks to help position clients build and maintain long-term relationships with new and existing customers. 


Dionysia Leolei Premium Concept Managing Partner png.png

Dionysia Leolei is the Founder and Managing Partner of Premium Concept, as well as leading consultant and business advisor in Premium B2G, bringing more than 20 years of professional experience. Dionysia has a strong ability to bring results by providing clarity, identifying areas of growth and building and executing realistic action plans.


In her career, she has delivered numerous benefits to her clients and has worked with dozens of industries. Dionysia developed a 360 approach working with Fortune 500, Multinationals, SMEs, Executives and the Government.


With an impressive portfolio of clients, projects and performance she is known for her ethos and undeniable ability to deliver excellence.


Dionysia has extensive experience in Corporate and Government sectors, building strategies and leading implementation in growth, marketing, communications, government and industry collaboration, innovation and procurement projects, working for more than 10 years with defence and intergovernmental organisations.

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